Each year young women from across the UK Nation compete to win the title… Miss Jamaica UK!

The contestants represent business and charities and the crowned winner becomes ambassador for her cause for 1 year.

Contestants between the ages of 18 and 26 are groomed to participate in the pageant, and to represent themselves, and Jamaica, with pride and grace in the UK and around the world.



Winners of the pageant, chosen by Judges on the final night, are given the prize of a trip to Jamaica to explore its rich culture, building their understanding of the island.  As ambassador for the contest the reigning Miss Jamaica UK is given the opportunity to meet leaders and other significant figures in Jamaican society,  

Miss Jamaica UK not only benefits contestants, it has helped many Jamaicans in need through its charity contributions. Part of the proceeds from the contest goes to charities such as the Blind Society, Maxfield Park Children’s Home and Jamaica Early Childhood Development Foundation.

Odette on the FAB UK Launch runway





Odette Campbell one of our FAB Launch Fashion Show models has been selected as one of the 16 finalists competing for the 22nd Miss Jamaica UK 2011 title.




























Wish Odette FAB luck!!

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