Mac-Jordan Degadjor an award winning Ghanaian Blogger / Social Media Strategist. A 2011 Knight Digital Media Fellow at the University of California Graduate School of Journalism and US State Department 2013 Internet Freedom Fellow from Ghana. He has travelled and worked in different parts of the world especially in San Francisco, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria and North Africa (Egypt and Tunisia). As a Youth Ambassador for Africa, and promotes opportunities from the African continent. He believe in the African talent, human resources and potential. He is passionate in supporting and helping his fellow Africans.


Mac- Jordon and other speakers around the world will be speaking at a two-days event to inspire delegates with in-depth panels, educational presentations and thought leadership roundtable sessions, which aim to develop and build relationships. By highlighting grassroots, emerging technologies, and solutions relevant to Africa. The African Gathering 2013 wishes to offer a new perspective that will encourage active involvement from Africa-focused businesses, investors, partners and funders.

Participants will have a chance to take peek at this year’s line-up and network with some remarkable and exceptional thinkers who care deeply about Africa.

Remember to get your ticket early, stake your claim on a place to meet and mingle with our network.

Guests Highlight

Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock (UK Leading woman Space Scientist) will be speaking at the Africa Gathering amongst other guests working tirelessly for Africa.


Why should you come this June?

LONDON SPECIAL EDITION - Hosted by the BBC Africa Team for the first time, Africa Gathering celebrates its fifth anniversary with a conference showcasing the role of African women in the technology sector in Africa, and ideas that have emerged in recent times across the continent, and to discuss some of the challenges still present around funding and investment.

Also this year, through a special series of roundtables, they will highlight and debate the rise of women in technology across Africa.

Africa Gathering 2013 will be a key event for women innovators and investors who want to discover and invest in African technology ecosystems.

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