The April edition has proven that this small market which started a few years ago is growing to be one of the most popular and last bus stop for all fashion lovers as fashion houses don’t fail to bring their A-game for the monthly shoppers.

Don’t miss the May Edition of LPM with FABulous fashion houses like Lady Biba , 87 Couture and Vintage Colette. Ankara Rebel, Na’tees, Estitos, U-Kama, Retrospective, Kitschai, La Bennis, Oak’s Signature, Y.Craig,  Ariaba, DivaNista, Idonor, House of Spiff, Cookie Skin, Namatse, and Cam Cam Sweets and Cookie Jar had lots of mouth watering delicacies and Krazy Kulture, Tee’s Bargain Corner, Solomon’s INC., Biddy’s Mondo, Diva’s Lounge and S23RD with their continental FAB pieces.

If you will like to order for stands at the May 2012 Edition of Le Petit Marché, send an to E-mail [email protected] or [email protected]

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