DSC_1610 editThis Monday our other FAB Blogger Mpona and I attended Kelly Simpkin’s Winter collection launch at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair, London. The atmosphere was vibrant and we were greeted by smiling faces who took our picture before entering. Once inside we met a crowd of people who were all very merry and socializing, which I enjoyed, it’s always nice to go a fashion launch and people are interacting, not just standing there looking awkward and out of place. Everybody there was super friendly, and we even made some friends, but the most important part of the night was the stunning winter collection.


My favourite piece would have to be this beautiful blue suede and fur trimmed coat; just imagine walking down a street in it, there is no way you would not catch someones attention, and isn’t that what we want from an outfit, for it to be appreciated.


The signature piece of the collection is the Suede Desert dress, which Kelly wore herself in a lovely green colour. It is made from the finest suede and includes a stunning deep V neckline with collar detail.



Other pieces from the collection were a suede leather jacket with fur trim, leather pants and a to die for leather playsuit, that literally could be worn with anything, and also gave of this smart, sexy and casual vibe. Every piece of the collection demands attention , even the  Toscana Mittens with their thick sheepskin lining in rich chocolate, ink navy or black.



When speaking with Kelly, she explained how all her pieces were meant to timeless, in the sense that they could be worn all year round, decade after decade. She creates pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down, so you never have to feel like you need to get rid of anything; which is the norm when people are transitioning from one season to another. Her collection showcases her loves for past, iconic fashion and her focus on century staples takes the focus away from dressing for the season.


Kelly is a woman of her own and definitely lives up to her collection title ‘she wears a crown’, she is set to redefine a lot of fashion norms and create something unique that none of us have ever seen before.


Official Website: Shewearsacrown.com

Twitter: @kelly_Simpkin

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