Re-Introducing Oshun LR

Re-Introducing Oshun’ is an interdisciplinary exhibition that re-imagines black women’s bodies as sacred of places of, beauty, intimacy and love through the Yoruba deity, Oshun. Hosted by Yinka Shinobare, MBE and funded by the Arts Council, it culminates in an evening of live performances at the Lyric Hammersmith.

Featuring an all female collective working within the mediums of movement, visual arts and poetry, ‘Re-Introducing Oshun’ demystifies the omnipresent gaze placed on black women’s bodies by, “creating images of black women that look, talk, feel and love like us and in doing so presenting our own truths.”

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‘Re-Introducing Oshun’ opens at Shinobare Studios from Monday 07-Thursday 17 October 2013. The live event takes place at Lyric Hammersmith from 8pm on Thursday 17 October. Click here to book tickets for Lyric Hammersmith.

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