African Heritage Outlet and Online Mall (AHOOM) launches in grand style at the AHOOM Retail hub in Accra, Ghana. Offering the very best out of African creativity.

AHOOM is a social entrepreneurial initiative of Groupe Nallem STM with the key objective of providing a platform for artist and artisans leverage on the following:

– Skills and talent Development
– Quality and finishing
– Information sharing
– Mentorship
– Customer focus
– Application of ICT
– Application of Science and Technology
– Market readiness and focus

If you appreciation the Arts, a good sense of style and a healthy living, then AHOOM is a click of a button away or offline in our fast growing network of shops.

“Think Africa, Shop AHOOM” both a Retail and wholesale hub for Afrocentric and fashionable garments, jewelry and accessories, furniture and fixtures, artefacts, cosmetics, herbs, organic food and lots more.

The AHOOM RETAIL HUB is an Afrocentric Cultural and Event centre for Retail, Wholesale, Exhibitions, Cultural performances, Workshops, Healthy Food, etc

The general public is invited to the launching of a unique showcase of a heritage of Afrocentric glamour by designers and artisans of Clothing and accessories, Jewellery, bags, footwear, etc from across Africa. Many of these artisans have been honing their craft with techniques which have been passed down over many years at unbeatable prices

The launch of the AHOOM retail hub is slated to take place in Accra from 7th December – 10th December, 2017 with lots of discount sales from well-established African brands and lots of activities to keep you glued for the period.

The AHOOM retail outlet is located at La Palm Wine Junction, on the La Trade Fair Road. Side attraction during this four (4) day period shall include the following

•An exhibition of unique afro-centric fashion
• Fashion show
•Jewelry and other fashion accessories
•Artifacts and furniture
•A delicious mix of African food
•Open Bar
•Music, drumming and dance
And lots of surprises

The CEO describes AHOOM as, “being the preferred marketplace for Afrocentric products to buy and sell and also cultural centre”. The ahoom concept creates a platform to support artist and artisans from training, concept design, production all the way to market access both online at and in our outlets in Ghana, Africa and the world at large as per our strategic plan. We are very passionate about contributing to an employed youth.

Event is partnered by ABL, Nallem Clothing, and Pulse

For more information about AHOOM please email:[email protected], call: +233209978099 and visit the website:


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