On Friday 8 March 2013, in celebration of International Women’s Day 2013, media life coach, Coach Lyds, will host a 12 hour live Twitter Marathon taking questions to empower women in all walks of life to further success in their work and lives.

The panellists, from a variety of sectors and backgrounds, include Lydia Frempong at Coach Lyds, Priscilla Baffour at Channel 4 , Emma Sexton at SheSays, Ushma Patel at  PomiGarnetz and Dr Funke B a media psychologist.

The panelists will offer inspiration, tips, advice and perspectives to empower and lift women to the next levels of success. Themes include:

Developing confidence and removing self limiting beliefs
How to maintain a career whilst being a mum
The new networking – how acts of kindness reward you in today’s economy
Tools and techniques on how to stand out from the crowd
The importance of setting goals and sticking to them
A call for authenticity and truth: success through celebrating the woman you are

The debate invites women to share knowledge, ask questions, and come together to tackle professional and personal blocks.  Anybody can track and get involved in the debate by using the WomensSuccessIWD13 tag.

Coach Lyds is confident that this dynamic and relevant event will present women’s issues to a diverse online audience, and allow everyone to get involved regardless of their location, employment or commitments.

Speaking about the debate, Coach Lyds commented “I chose these specific women because of their interest in personal development and desire to empower. They each bring a unique perspective through different life experiences spanning across Creative, Media, Technology and Broadcasting Industries, which I know will appeal to many.”

Web: www.butterfly-pr.co.uk

Twitter: @CoachLyds #WomensSuccessIWD13

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