one One+Direction After having two sittings for a wax work process which will cost 150,000 pounds to create a life-sized replica of each band member, One Direction will now increase the number of fans who will have a more personal experiece with the band whilst taking fantastic pictures with their waxed statues at the famous Madame Tussauds.

Niall said “we were super excited to find out that they were making us and that people felt we were worthy of a Figure.”


Louis added “I think it’s going to be quite weird to see yourself as a Wax Figure. But it’s an amazing honour to be there. We are very proud”.

The statues will be dressed in casual outfits like the 1D’s regular. Perfection is on the mind of the wax-makers as the pressure and excitement coming from the fans in taking fun pictures with waxed 1D’s increases.

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We actually first heard we were over at Madame Tussauds looking at the figures. The quality of the work that goes on there is mad”, said Liam. Harry added saying  “we’re just kind of a bit overwhelmed. We’ve been to Madame Tussauds and seen the kind of people who are in there. It’s crazy to think that we will be up there with them”, as Zayn agreed saying “all the biggest stars around the world are there… it’s an amazing Honour … we can’t wait to see them”.


The 1D waxs will be seated on a school style double Bench so the fans can comfortable seat and snap pictures next to them.I can’t wait to also take a picture with the wax figures (although I still prefer to take one with the boys themselves).


one OneDirection-2012_608x376

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