ham3Back then at high school in 2001, the Harlem shake was a popular and trendy cool dance move that attempts to show your audience how cool you were.  Seen in the late Whitney Houston’sWhy you looking at me’ video, and some of Lil Bow Wow Videos, boys and girls shook their shoulders side to side, dusting the dirt off their shoulders as confidently as they could.

In February 2013, a new yippy trend is everywhere with people uploading a comedy sketch performance which is spreading rapidly across the globe (especially among university undergraduates).ham

Thousands and thousands of videos are being uploaded daily. These videos last for about 30 to 32 seconds featuring the 2012 song by American electronic Musician,’Baauer’ called ‘Harlem shake’. The dance is nothing close to the Original hip-hop version  Harlem shake shown in Mase’s ‘Breath, stretch, shake’ video.

This new Youtube Harlem shake videos shows various creatively hilarious concepts. One person usually wears a mask or helmet dancing silly alone to the song for 15 seconds, surrounded by other people who are not paying attention, but once the bass drops after a lion roar, the video cuts show a crazy and funny crowd dancing in a frantic manner for another 15 seconds. ham2

You-tube has recently played host to a bunch of rather ridiculous videos that the producers hope would go viral and why not? Psys ‘Gangnam Style’ did incredibly well to increase his fame and make him money.

For the first time, I am loving this crazy, silly and funny trend and I think having one with some few friends sounds like a Fun idea. LEGGO!!![youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vde6FC8qtYA&w=640&h=360]


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