sen selena-gomez-panel-discussion-fashion-leadffasLooking really good is the best revenge any girl can display after a break-up. The 20-year-old Actress and pop- singer stole the spotlight at the Spring Breakers SXSW Photocall at the Austin convention centre on March 11th. Selena Gomez wore a Teal straight sexy and chic cutout gown, detailing at her shoulders and across her beautiful toned skin at the waist with numb heels. Looking all lady-like and another way to show Ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber what he is missing.


Selena Gomez was recently unimpressed with Ex-boy friend, Bieber clubbing with underage pop-star, Jaden Smith in the UK, the cut for Bieber craziness, also hanging out with her Ex- boyfriend Nick Jonas and his brothers. The former Disney star and UNICEF Ambassador who recently performed to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry me a River’ at a UNICEF event in January (and am wondering what is UNICEF Business with your break-up drama?), Bieber also hit the Mike and sang his own acoustic version of the same song.


Now, a new Youtube video is spreading wide, showing Selena and her friends dancing to a choreographed routine of Dustin Tavella’s ‘Everybody knows’. The video seems to be aiming at Bieber. With lyrics of “your boyfriend is a douchebag/ and everybody knows,” Its obvious Gomez is taking shots at Bieber.

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A friend of Selena told the press “selena has kept an eye on Justin in the News and just laughed and laughed” her friend told Hollywood life. She added saying Justin is crazy and she doesn’t want to be his Mom anymore. She feels so free and loves hanging out with her girlfriends. He’s weird and she doesn’t find his behavior hot or anything. She just wants a man who has his s**t together , and not a weird boy”.

Seems like Selena’s magic from ‘wizard of Waverly place” works after all on Justin bringing him bad luck.


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