angelina_jolie_1358840028_540x540 (1) 1.     Isn’t the way and manner Angelina Jolie handled her operation, intrusive to/for celebrities?



2.     Reebok dropped Rick Ross like a hot potato. But has Nike really discovered him like an archaeological artefact?


Beyonce-and-Jay-Z-in-Cuba-73.     Rather than, ask President Obama about questions related to the Boston Bombings during a White House press conference,  a journalist asked about Jay Z and Beyonce’s trip to Cuba. How inappropriate?


under_174.     The Nigeria U-17 football team seemed not to be a respecter of teams with the panache with which they score more than 4 goals per game.


Jim-Iyke5.     Did Jim Iyke get “inspiration” from Charley Boy’s reality show to begin his “unscripted” reality series?



6.     You have to wonder, who loves money the most in Nigeria, the Nigeria Police officers who you find at check-points, the typical Nigerian politician in flowing native attire or the Nigerian babe?



7.     One would think that the North Korean young President, would have read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzo. If he had, as most Asian leaders have, he would be wiser in confronting America with probably a very hungry North Korean army.



8.     Spain went to Germany for economic financial aid and the football teams of Bayern Munchen and Borussia Dortmund decided to add a basketful of goals to the financial benevolence.


Sir+Alex+Ferguson9.     Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement was a shocker indeed. But is David Moyes the perfect replacement?


Saka_port10.   Isn’t MTN’s “I don port” advert an innovative way of relaying a message to competitors?


dbanj-mo-hits11.  Isn’t that spark absent since Dbanj and Don Jazzy parted ways?


salt n pepa12.  Nigeria seems to be a launching pad for retired foreign artistes. Which other long forgotten musician would be having a show in Nigeria? 

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3 Responses

  1. olboy

    JayZ and Beyonce question thrown at Obama was probably to distract the more serious journalists. However, you never know, someone in the whitehouse might have mistakenly let an entertainment journalist through and what the heck does he know about politics. hey!

  2. PepperNoSalt

    The retired foreign artists are cheaper. Get with the program. Also, Dbanj and Don Jazzy is old news. Partnerships like these come but once in 1,000 years.

  3. Gheuns

    -I love the under 17 team. Truly young and playing with their hearts. I hope they can grow to become super eagles
    -Can somebody please explain how David Moyers is a good replacement for Ferguson. I am a bit confused and baffled at the choice
    -The Nigerian babe loves money but is not getting as much. The Nigerian policeman likes money and is getting more. The Nigerian politician ‘chops’ the money…everyone else is at the bottom of the chain looking up to him.


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