Omawumi’s Bottom belle was a hit and the energetic singer knows that but moving from there, the musical act has other things on her mind she wishes to share with world: a new one titled Stay Alive which is another offering off her sophomore album.






She is inspired to write this song – which will be released coupled with the video, days from now as a result of the roller coaster life many have adopted due to their quest for unlimited wealth.

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Omawumi said to the effect of this single, “What I am saying in the song is that you need to just relax and take things easy because some people don’t. Every day, you see people trying to acquire wealth or get to a level where they can forget their troubles. But the thing about it is that you just need to slow down a little. As long as you have the basic requirements of the three square meals, try to stay alive and be concerned about your well being before you concentrate on acquiring wealth”.

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Omawumi‘s career is scaling new heights everyday. She was the only artiste chosen from Nigeria to perform at the AFCON draw witnessed by South Africa President, CAF President, and other leading international persons. She got a standing ovation from that powerful performance.

Bottom belle: Omawumi ft. Flavour


The singer has also been representing the Mortein brand. See the video for the commercial

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