Saeon is the new sensation. She performed R.E.S.P.E.C.T live for Ego Fix TV. The great thing about her voice? It’s so refreshing; bringing a new vibe. Saeon is the next big thing for music, no kidding. So watch out for her, we’ll let you know.


Listen to her version of Brymo‘s Ara

Ego Fix TV is an online lifestyle channel hosted by Ego Fix Entertainment. The platform’s mainstream offerings are interviews, events, behind-the-scenes clips, freestyle videos and more.

Saeon has earlier covered Brymo‘s Ara and Whitney Houston‘s My Love is Your Love. If you listened to her on those performances, you’d be pleasantly stunned at how she brings to the table. She’ll totally win you over. She’s got it; she’s got the voice  – and for a freestyle act, I was impressed. I needn’t say more. Listen to the performance.



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