Isn’t Jay Z the luckiest man on earth? You bet he is – of course by Beyonce‘s judgement. His loving wife reportedly went on a $3 shopping spree on his behalf and hand picked a the perfect gift for his 43rd birthday – a luxury Hublot time piece named the Big Band.



Best thing I never had by Beyonce (That’s why Jay Z is here)

Want to how so many precious stones that single piece is made of? There you go – a whooping 1,282 diamonds!

Being a admirer of exquisite watches, Jay Z truly treasured this and was said to have been pleasantly surprised upon receiving the gift. A source had conformed; “She knew he would love the Hublot Big Bang watch, it’s the ultimate timepiece, a mixture of extravagance, luxury and bling.”

Play to watch Upgrade U by Beyonce ft. Jay Z

Beyonce who earlier this week released the trailer for her upcoming HBO documentary film (airing from the 16th of February 2013) that documents stages of her pregnant state, the fears she’s had to deal with, her moments of triumph and the private parts of her life she’s willing to let out.


Remember back in the day? Crazy in love ft. Jay Z and Beyonce

And then expect new kicking sound from her as she has been spotted going in and out of the studio. We don’t look forward to anything less. Everyone knows if’s a Beyonce sound, it’s got to be good; so watch out.


Jay Z in I just wanna love you

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