kimboI believe this is weird and actually one of the grossest things ever. On a recent episode of Kim and Kourtney take Miami, Kim K is shown having bloody beauty facial!


How ‘doesn’t’ it work?: The doctor draws blood from your arm with a cartoonishly-large needle, spins out the platelets and then deposits them back onto your face using very small needles.


“Oh my God I will never get a face lift if it feels like that”, she squealed.


I have heard of Snail slime, bird poop, egg yolk… but I have never heard of BLOOD, your blood!!! All for the love of Beauty. I wonder what Kanye thinks about this?, How about you girls, what do you think about this beauty procedure? For me, it is absolutely disgusting!


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2 Responses

  1. Michelle Spice

    Wow, you have to do all this to remain in the face and light of the camera Kim? That’s sad… Not beauty at all!

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