jbd 1 It’s seems just like yesterday when the “baby,baby,baby” singer amazed the media and the world with his outstanding talent and adorable personality at the age of  14. From tours, to headlines; crazy tweets from ‘a cut for Bieber’ to ‘Selena’s love drama’ ; Justin has definitely had some few months of crazy, fun and Beautiful up’s and down’s – but that didn’t stop him from creating headlines in London ,as he looked forward in celebrating his 19th birthday.

After tweeting “Great show! Now gonna go celebrate 19! Thanks,”  right after his performance on his ‘believe’ tour in Birmingham, England. Justin was seen leaving his hotel wearing a cream cardigan, black T-shirt and low-slung black leathers pants, as he headed to ‘British Luxury Club’, which is an after hours club strictly for members only.

jbd 5

The ‘Beauty and beast’ singer joined British singer, Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke to party hard at BLC, and left after mid-night shirtless, also with a flash of his butt, sagging like if he was a member of Nelly’s crew ‘St. Lunatics’ performing to those songs in the album ‘Country Grammar’ (and am wondering, do people still sag their trousers in 2013? That’s so 1998, seems Justin digs it).

When asked his manager, Scooter Braun about the 19 year old behavior, he explained “he was coming right off the stage – the show was done, he was coming off the stage and going to the hotel and he was literally running in because he wanted to get changed and go right out”. (And am still wondering if that was the best excuse or explanation to come up with for Justin going shirtless in the British winter air night).

jbd 8

ella-paige roberts clarke

ella-paige roberts clarke

Although Justin was ‘weather-resistant’ that night , the pop-star was also hungry as he left the club heading to a Lebanese cuisine spot for some late night snack at Edgeware Road, before heading to his hotel to close those sleeping eyes at 6:30am on the morning of his Birthday ‘March 1st’.

jbd 2

Reports says, Justin had planned a circus themed birthday party for himself with clowns, goblins, aerial acts and some fire-eaters at the venue he settled for on Cirque Du Soir.

Happy one year added to Justin Bieber, as he goes through 2013 making FABulous music and headlines. Congrats!!! .


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