Have you been in that awkward situation when you see someone you don’t want to see at an event or party? What to do? Leave the event quickly irritated or… have fun and forget about the person (especially if it’s your Ex)… well, will definitely go with number two option – Have FUN!

The news about country-pop singer, Taylor Swift and One direction’s band mate, Harry Styles was one news that truly entertained the media with the romances and its break-up (which most of us saw coming).

The two famous stars meet at the 2013 Brits Awards, which they had less exchange of “Hello’s”   as they seem to enjoy their different activities. But my question is… who had more FUN, Harry or Miss Swift?

  Lets see:

  • Taylor seen spotted mingling with Carey Mulligan and her husband, Marcus Mumford; they seem to be having FUN.

tay 4


  • As usual, when the boys [One Direction] come together, it’s FUN and Laughter.

tay 6


  • Taylor seen on the dance floor with RnB star Frank Ocean, getting her groove on.



  • Harry spotted in a corner with, Topshop Model, Millie Brady at the after party.

tay 5


  • From country singer to DJ Swift, Taylor took over the deck from James Corden at the party.FUN.

tay 155


  • After party jokes… that should be Fun, expect I wonder why Liam and Louis aren’t laughing.

tay 8


  • Someone loves to dance, as she gets down on the dance floor with Rizzle Kicks. Such a party girl/dancing Queen.

tay 2


  • Wonder why he covered his face?… should that be FUN?…

tay 15


  • Someone is going home looking like if she truly had a swell time.

tay 1


  • Oh no!, while someone doesn’t look and feel too good after the party. Poor Harry seems he left the party feeling sick.

tay 14tay 13tay 10


So if you could truly rate it, who had more FUN.. Harry or Taylor?, Let’s see your comments.

tay 223tay 1223

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