MTTGroupWhen you hear “Married To The Game” one of the first things that come to mind is “Marrying The Game”, VH1’s series that revolves around American rapper Game and his fiance Tiffany Cambridge. But Ebony Life TV’s new series is nothing like that and looks more captivating!

The series which is set to premiere on Saturday 1st March 2014, is a suspense filled cutting edge drama. It features rising Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo, Malaika of Shuga Leonora Okine, musician/celebrity photographer Toni Tones as well as Dada Omowunmi, Paul Adams, Daniel Lloyd, Lamide Pareto and Harry Dorgu.

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In love and giddy with excitement, newlyweds Vincent and Gloria Coker are headed toward a blissful future together. Gloria (Leonora Okine) marries Dr. Vincent (Alexx Ekubo) in a bid to appease her father, who is unhappy because of her total lack of interest in becoming a doctor and inheriting his hospital. The tale, however, takes a new twist when the couple runs over a stranger after their wedding reception.

In the stranger’s possession is a laptop bag containing more than just a laptop. The discovery of this sets the newlyweds on a journey of deception, greed and murder, as they battle with forces determined to tear them apart and destroy the future they once held dear. All is not as rosy as it seems in the Coker household, as dark secrets begin to emerge pointing to the grave realization that they may have both said “I do”  to a complete stranger.

Sounds like it will be captivating and have us at the edge of our seats. Watch the trailer below:


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