Nigeria is a much-loved country and while we have our share of negative attention one thing that Nigerians know how to do is bond together and have a good time. Plus Nigerians always seem to be a distinct crowd – regardless of where they are or who they are with chances are that you can point out who is a Nigerian in a circle of friends.

We have put together a list of things that make Nigerians a similar folk. Regardless of who or where we are there are some things that typical Naija folks just don’t do. We’ll be bringing you a two-part series for this. If you have any to add don’t forget to comment below. Here are a few of our typical NaijaFolkDont syndrome:


Naija Folk Don’t…need a special reason to turnup

Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (1) Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (14)We are sure you have at least one friend who is constantly looking and waiting for Friday to come so that y’all can hit the club and let go of the past week. Typical Nigerians don’t even need to wait for Friday, Easter, Christmas, or any other day. Monday is good enough, as long as the music is pumping!


Naija Folk Don’t…obey road rules in traffic

Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (16)Nigerians have a different set of rules for driving in traffic and another set of rules for everyday commute. Any one who has been cursed by a Danfo driver who was wrongfully trying to cut into your lane knows this.


Naija Folk Don’t…understand 24-hour power supply

Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (18)24-hour power supply in Nigeria comes with questions and statements like “Nepa has not taken light today o, I’m worried”. We don’t understand uninterrupted power supply and feel more comfortable after Nepa [it’s PHCN now though] has flicked their authority.


Naija Folk Don’t…do atheism

Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (8) Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (7) Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (6) Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (5)Posters and billboards around any Nigerian city will confirm for you what Naija folks already know; we are a deeply religious people. Atheism is not in the dictionary of our parents and as such it is not in ours too.


Naija Folk Don’t…do rain or cold weather

Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (10) Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (12)Cold what?! Nigerians will rather sleep in on a cold rainy day than drive on the streets of Lagos for instance. We leave that for the courageous drivers in the city – especially those ones that like to splash muddy water on unsuspecting souls.


Naija Folk Don’t…experiment with meat

Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (11) Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (9)This is perhaps the most truthful. Forget the ones that eat dog, vulture, snake, monkey and much more. A typical Naija person is skeptical about any meat dropped in their front. If it is not bokoto, asun, roundabout, shaki, isi-ewu, ponmo, edo, fuku and the typical traditional delicacies then you can take it away from us please.


Naija Folk Don’t…bother with “small” sicknesses

Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (2)Nigerians are perhaps the leaders of over the counter prescriptions. Never mind that there are several ailments it is either typhoid, malaria or fever. So why go to the doctor when you can diagnose yourself? Typical Naija mentality.


Naija Folk Don’t…play with money

Naija-Folk-Dont-Entertainment-Funny-FAB-Magazine (3)You better don’t come between a Nigerian and his or her money. Nigerians work too hard for that and so don’t know how to joke about it. You are owing a Nigerian money and buying new things on the side? You better be careful.


Have more things you are certain Naija folks don’t do? Drop your comments below! Next week we will bring even more things that Naija Folk Don’t do!

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