Solange Knowles is just so quirky and stylish. In the same Cosmopolitan March 2014 issue that features top model Chanel Iman (Read it up here), Solange Knowles seems right at home in her stylish element of pastels against the backdrops of painted shotgun houses.

solange-knowles-by-paul-costello-for-cosmopolitan-march-2014 solange-knowles-by-paul-costello-for-cosmopolitan-march-2014-1 solange-knowles-by-paul-costello-for-cosmopolitan-march-2014-4It really does seem like the right balance for a fun and fearless new art of cool. Singer, songwriter, DJ, model, producer and founder of Saint Records, 27-year-old Solange Knowles has always had a fashion style to be admired.

solange-knowles-by-paul-costello-for-cosmopolitan-march-2014-3 Solange-Knowles-Cosmopolitan-Magazine-March-2014A notable feature in the magazine is on the “Good Sport” page, where they show Puma rainbow sneakers designed by Solange Knowles and William Okpo, a brand owned by two Nigerian sisters.

Nigeria is popping up everywhere in the fashion industry these days, we hope that continues for a while.

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