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FAB Editorial: Rocking At 58! Sharon Lafaye Jones For The New Yorker Magazine


Sharon Jones was famously told by one Sony executive that she was “too old, too fat, too short, and too black to make it.”Now, at 58, the soul singer’s career is soaring. With her music career that has lasted over 20 years, the American soul and funk singer is featured in The New Yorker magazine.

Sharon Jones is pretty FAB in a series of black and white shots in The New Yorker magazine photographed by Ruven Afanador with styling done by Danielle Priano and Genevieve Herr.

new_yorker_sharon_jones_shot_01_461 new_yorker_sharon_jones_shot_01_505 new_yorker_sharon_jones_shot_02_115 new_yorker_sharon_jones_shot_02_140 new_yorker_sharon_jones_shot_02_436_v2_white_bg

Read more about her feature in The New Yorker magazine’s “Going On About Town” Here


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