Music stars Iggy Azalea, Angel Haze, Ariana Grande, Jetta, Warpaint, Lily Allen, Neneh Cherry, Banks, Kacey Musgraves, Foxes, and Cher are all featured in ELLE magazine’s Women In Music 2014 editorial.

For ELLE magazine’s seventh-annual Women in Music Issue, they gave the mic to some of today’s most exciting voices to open up about the images they’re creating and the boundaries they’re breaking—and their thoughts on everything from feminism to the media.

angel-haze-by-thomas-whiteside-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Angel Haze: The Outlaw
On revealing her personal struggles in her music… “I came out of the gate projectile vomiting my demons all over the place,” says Haze. “It felt like immediately a weight had been lifted.”

ariana-grande-by-kai-z-feng-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Ariana Grande: The Pop Prodigy
On always looking forward… “If something great happens, I celebrate it for about—I’m not even kidding—a minute and a half,” she says. “Then I start thinking about the next step.”

banks-by-thomas-whiteside-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Banks: The Electro-Soul Starlet
On the rawness of her sultry electronic jams…“I put everything into my music—every thought, every emotion. It’s the most vulnerable, scariest part of me,” Banks says. “It makes my heart beat a little bit faster when I talk about it.”

cher-by-machado-cicala-morassut-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Cher: The Not-a-Legend Legend
On being called a LEGEND…“I hate that word,” she says. “Legend, icon, diva. I hate all those fucking words. They’re meaningless. I prefer Cher.”

foxes-by-frederike-helwig-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Foxes: The Dance-Floor Darling
On why her songs are hard to classify…“It’s whatever comes naturally,” she says. “It’s not really anything. It’s just music.”

iggy-azalea-by-thomas-whiteside-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Iggy Azalea: The Rap Renegade
On being ready to drop the swagger after giving a voice to brash girls everywhere…“I never dove into my personal experiences. I didn’t want to be vulnerable,” she says. “I always felt like [rap] was escapism, but sometimes you can miss being human.”

jetta-by-frederike-helwig-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Jetta: The Firebrand Newcomer
On her forthcoming full-length that promises to be even more dynamic than her single “Feels Like Coming Home”…“My artistic life has been a roller coaster,” she says, “so that’s what I want this record to be. It will take you on an adrenaline-filled journey.”

kacey-musgraves-by-kai-z-feng-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Kacey Musgraves: The Country Maverick
On why being direct in her songs is not a big deal (telling the truth is just a country-music tradition)…“It’s hard for me to swallow when someone says, ‘you’re a rebel, you’re an outlaw,’ because no, I’m not. The things I sing about are not controversial to me. The fact that they’re even considered controversial in this day and age is really sad.”

lily-allen-by-frederike-helwig-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Lily Allen: The Sweetest Subversive
On how she’s changed since first stepping into the spotlight…“I have mellowed in some ways,” she says. “Ten years ago, when I first started out, I had a lot to complain about. Whereas this time around, maybe because of the position I’m in in my private life, I feel more grateful for what I have. But that’s not going to stop me from saying what I think.”

neneh-cherry-by-frederike-helwig-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Neneh Cherry: The Long-Awaited Comeback
On stylist Ray Petri honing her rootless wild-child aesthetic…“His Buffalo style was a huge influence,” Cherry says, tipping her fluffy Kangol to Petri, who died of AIDS right as “Buffalo Stance” turned her brand of badassdom into a war cry: “Keep it classic, keep it edgy, keep it real, keep it mean.”

warpaint-by-frederike-helwig-for-elle-women-in-music-2014Warpaint: The Queens of Cool
On the intensely collaborative songwriting process that is both a band ethos and a celebration of women in rock…“Coming from a woman’s mind and intuition and all the things that make a woman different from a man,” says Emily Kokal, singer and guitarist in Warpaint, “that’s going to be inside the music, and that makes it exciting.”

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