FAB Editorial: Chiwetel Ejifor Is The Fashion Man For January Issue Of Esquire UK

Fellow star of “12 Years A Slave” Lupita Nyong’o has seemed to be getting all the spotlight lately, but Esquire UK has recognized Nigeria’s Chiwetel Ejiofor as a stylish and fashionable man in their 2014 January Issue.

tumblr_mz73q7DVuQ1qb6jujo4_500 Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor was photographed by Roger Rich and styled by Gareth Scourfield in quite a number of luxury brands and dapper style. The Nigerian-British actor is seen posing for a winter coats editorial of January 2014 issue of Esquire UK. Read up on the interview with Esquire here and get tips on how to pull off Double-Breasted coats.

tumblr_mz73q7DVuQ1qb6jujo5_500 tumblr_mz73q7DVuQ1qb6jujo6_500 tumblr_mz73q7DVuQ1qb6jujo7_500 tumblr_mz73q7DVuQ1qb6jujo1_500 tumblr_mz73q7DVuQ1qb6jujo2_500 tumblr_mz73q7DVuQ1qb6jujo3_500 Some of Chiwetel’s recent works getting him the biggest prizes right now are in theatre, TV and film: for A Season in the Congo, for the Thirties’ jazz band BBC Two drama Dancing on the Edge and for his leading role in the forthcoming 12 Years a Slave.


Photo Credit: Tumblr


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