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FAB Editorial: Aly Niayde In “Black & Yellow” By Ricardo Rivera For F.Y! Online


Model Aly Niayde is styled in luxury menswear pieces from brands such as Givenchy, JUUN.J, Osklen, Zana Bayne, Number (N)ine, Alexander Plokhov and more, in an exclusive “Black & Yellow” editorial for Fucking Young! Online.

The editorial is edgy and we love the blend of androgynous outfits. This dark, yet whimsical series with a black and yellow backdrop was shot by New York Based creative director and photographer Ricardo Rivera for Fucking Young!.

There is a lot of glitter, grills and colour contrast in the editorial that makes it stand out, for instance where Aly Niayde is wearing a blue net shirt against a gold-ish yellow and blue lighting.

Check out more pictures in the editorial below:

Aly-Niayde-Fucking-Young-Ricardo-Rivera-01 Aly-Niayde-Fucking-Young-Ricardo-Rivera-02 Aly-Niayde-Fucking-Young-Ricardo-Rivera-03 Aly-Niayde-Fucking-Young-Ricardo-Rivera-04 Aly-Niayde-Fucking-Young-Ricardo-Rivera-05 Aly-Niayde-Fucking-Young-Ricardo-Rivera-06 Aly-Niayde-Fucking-Young-Ricardo-Rivera-07 Black-Yellow_fy9 ricbanedfy

Stylist: Jason Schwartz
Makeup Artist: Alexis Williams
Production Assistant: Mariel Lagos


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