FAB-Diary-FABO-Episode-6-FAB-Magazine-2-11It is another Monday and another week of hustle for your one and only Fabo. I hope everyone had as awesome a weekend as I did o.

It was like the whole world was at the wedding of Tiwa Savage and her manager husband over the weekend. I wanted to go but that kind of thing, forget that nobody invited me, will have caused me to sell all my belongings and soul to be able to afford even plane ticket – not to talk of accommodation.

See how everyone was doing like they were floating on money. I saw pictures from that wedding and I just could not stop praying that I should have that kind of money too. My God is on the throne, and like Olamide the baddo will say “Eleda maa sun, o ya turn up”.

One-Mic-Naija-April-2014-Flier-Art-1Anyway forget about the wedding. I had my own way to have fun as I was at the One Mic Naija that held yesterday. It was their 4th year anniversary so they went all out. It cost me just 1k and I got to see that fine girl who was MBGN and now a rapper, Muna. If you see the tiny shorts that she wore to perform ehn. The whole of Iyanya’s people were there too – Emma Nyra, Tekno, Selebobo, Iyanya himself, Bassey, Ubi Franklin.

At the Open Mic sef I got to drop a few bars to see the way the crowd will react to my music and they loved me. I was part of the three finalists and got a voucher from Easy Taxi worth 2k. Now I know that when I release my music Nigeria and Lagos will love me.

I wanted to go and introduce myself to Iyanya but the bouncer that was just following him up and down did not look like someone I should mess with. Iyanya’s performance was baaadddd. That is the way I am going to be one day, God willing. He just kept on bringing girls on stage to shake their Ukwu. Of course, because it was Iyanya dragging them nobody refused to go on stage to dance with him. There was one particular girl that her Ukwu is not from this world. After her dancing Iyanya sef told her that she should come and see him after the show. The guy tried to cover up that it was for viral video but we all know what he meant.

CaptureThe One Mic was nice sha. It was in Ikoyi at Ember Creek. But the only thing that vexed me in that place is that the drinks were just too expensive abeg. One bottle of Heineken and they wanted to collect 1k from my hand.Falz-399x600

Anyway yesterday I got to meet Falz and his manager at the One Mic event. That Falz is a correct guy, very humble guy. I told him that one day I will like to do music collaboration with him and he gave me his manager’s number sharp sharp. When I get to park now I will buy small credit and call the manager to remind him – I cannot dull this opportunity.

There were so many people there. You remember Kel? One of the baddest female rappers a few years ago – she was the MC for the show and I just wanted to ask her where her music career went to. She used to be so good. I had mad fun yesterday o. Iyanya just blew us all away with hit after hit. I’m glad I spent that 1k well well by going for the event and it has made it easier for me to face this week. But my focus remains the same.

I have to make it to the top and make it fast – life waits for no man.


29-year-old Boye Fafunwa has always been called Fabo by his friends and in school. He has no idea how the name originated and almost always introduces himself simply as “Fabo”.

Having grown up in the rural areas of Ogun State, deciding to go to Lagos – a land of greener pastures, has been a roller-coaster experience for him. When Fabo was thrown into Lagos Life as an upcoming and thirst-driven artist, he vowed to be seen at all the events and with all the top names in the music industry. Even though he is a graduate who studied Industrial Art at The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro in Ogun State, he has been pushed to a life of hardship by a recent loss of all he holds dear.

Fabo lives in a self-contain apartment in Adeniji Adele surviving on money gotten from his day job of being a bus conductor. At night Fabo transforms into a typical young man in Lagos who is just looking to survive and become famous.

These are his chronicles, brought to you every Monday through FAB Magazine Online.

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