FAB-Diary-FABO-Episode-6-FAB-Magazine-2-11The city of Lagos at Easter!

Something happened to me this Easter that makes me believe that this Lagos is not just about hard life after all. This Easter I did not even want to get into the spirit of celebration at all because of what just happened to my friend Raman last week. I was ready to just be mellow and by myself – no too much shakara around the park because that is when one bad belle person will look at you and think you are happy because you have one Easter money somewhere. Last year they ransacked my flat from top to bottom. The streets are brutal o; forget whatever it is that you think of Lagos streets because whatever you think cannot be as bad as it really is.

So this Easter I had already told myself “Fabo, go to work and go to your house finish” but it is like God had other plans for me because something miraculous happened to me this Easter. I am not the most religious person so I don’t know why he chose me, but God chose me.

I was sitting jejely at the park on Sunday, everything was just so slow because people were in Church and the people who were not in church were not going out yet. So we were just gisting sha and that is how one Jehovah Witness woman came to where me and 2 of my boys were laughing and gisting. Me and my friends just looked at her thinking that she wanted to ask us for direction but this woman really came to preach o. She carried her bible to her chest like this ehn, with blue scarf on her head and one long blue dress like that.

See, I don’t know how to describe it but all the things that she said to us on Sunday really touched me. To tell you the truth it is not as if I have not heard someone preach to me before and that is why I said that God chose me because what she said on Sunday really arrested me. Maybe it was because my friend Raman had just died the week before and I have been thinking about how temporary this life is, so when she came to us it was like she had a message specially for me and I was ready to listen. I listened and I believed.

Long and short of the story is that you are looking at a brand new Fabo. Old things have passed away in my life. I am now a born-again Christian and even though I know that the journey is going to be difficult I am ready to try to live a Christian life. It is not by my power or might but I believe that God will give me strength from above. See let me tell you – if you know all the ways in which we face death everyday, and all the ways that the devil tries to destroy us you too you will give your life to Jesus. It is not easy but the woman said that it will be worth it so I believe.

CT4YAC_2346966bMy friends at the park have been laughing at me. They said they have never seen a bus conductor that is holding bible up and down. The woman said that I should not mind them that God will give me a bigger reason to laugh and I believe her. I am wonderfully made. I’m just so happy that this Easter something amazing happened to me. I am still a conductor, I am still Fabo but at the same time I feel so different. All that is on my mind now is living my life for Jesus and even becoming famous does not seem so important anymore.

As you go about your Easter holiday please don’t forget to pray for me o. I need it now more than ever – that I continue to walk on the right path. Have a lovely Easter Monday!


29-year-old Boye Fafunwa has always been called Fabo by his friends and in school. He has no idea how the name originated and almost always introduces himself simply as “Fabo”.

Having grown up in the rural areas of Ogun State, deciding to go to Lagos – a land of greener pastures, has been a roller-coaster experience for him. When Fabo was thrown into Lagos Life as an upcoming and thirst-driven artist, he vowed to be seen at all the events and with all the top names in the music industry. Even though he is a graduate who studied Industrial Art at The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro in Ogun State, he has been pushed to a life of hardship by a recent loss of all he holds dear.

Fabo lives in a self-contain apartment in Adeniji Adele surviving on money gotten from his day job of being a bus conductor. At night Fabo transforms into a typical young man in Lagos who is just looking to survive and become famous.

These are his chronicles, brought to you every Monday through FAB Magazine Online.

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