FAB-Diary-FABO-Episode-6-FAB-Magazine-2 (1)Another Monday, another Naira!

That has become my mantra. I am more determined than ever to get this money and get it quick. I have saved half of the money for my studio session that I talked about last week so you can expect something banging from me soon. Abeg, if you know any radio presenter or any radio station where I can drop my song and they will play it biko let me know o. We have to look out for each other in this world because you never know where you will need my help in the future.

Anyway, I am determined not to let anything make me sad this Monday. I woke up on the right side of the bed and when I got to work I was just so happy because apparently I have gotten a promotion and I have become second-in-command. My Oga went and got one more conductor for his bus so sometimes I don’t even have to shout I will just call Jimoh to do the shouting and calling of passengers.

My friends, I am enjoying. And the new boy, Jimoh, he is eager to learn. If you see the way he is just following me up and down the park asking what he can do for me and how he can assist me – the boy cannot be more than 15 but it is good. It is good to catch them fresh and young before their eye will open yakata and they will have seen the world finish and they will have become their own oga. This one is still fresh, we can teach him well.

Jimoh Boy!

Jimoh Boy!

My Oga was telling me that he wants to buy another bus so that I and Jimoh can be driving that one and he will be driving the old one. Tell me my friends, is that not a promotion that is worth celebrating? I am beyond happy, I am jumping for joy and I am sure that nothing can spoil my happiness today – not Lagos traffic, not stupid LASTMA officials, not even these boys in the park that their eyes are already bloodshot from kaikai this early morning.

When I start driving the bus that my Oga wants to give me I will be able to make more money and save money faster. My dream of becoming famous will come faster too and before you know it I will not just be Fabo the bus conductor-driver, I will simply be Fabo – The Fabo. Another Monday another Naira my friends, we have to make this money so that all the people who have once looked down on us will have to look us to see us. I am so gingered and motivated this morning. Oluwa go do am!

Another Monday another Naira – go and make that money this week!

FAB-Diary-FABO-Episode-6-FAB-Magazine-2 (3)****

29-year-old Boye Fafunwa has always been called Fabo by his friends and in school. He has no idea how the name originated and almost always introduces himself simply as “Fabo”.

Having grown up in the rural areas of Ogun State, deciding to go to Lagos – a land of greener pastures, has been a roller-coaster experience for him. When Fabo was thrown into Lagos Life as an upcoming and thirst-driven artist, he vowed to be seen at all the events and with all the top names in the music industry. Even though he is a graduate who studied Industrial Art at The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro in Ogun State, he has been pushed to a life of hardship by a recent loss of all he holds dear.

Fabo lives in a self-contain apartment in Adeniji Adele surviving on money gotten from his day job of being a bus conductor. At night Fabo transforms into a typical young man in Lagos who is just looking to survive and become famous.

These are his chronicles, brought to you every Monday through FAB Magazine Online.

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