FAB-Diary-FABO-Episode-5-FAB-Magazine (2)My fellow haters of everything that has to do with Monday, If you know the way today has been ehn you will know why I am not even motivated to share my weekend experiences with anybody. In this Nigeria it is LASTMA that wants to run us down. Last week they said that Boko Haram attacked near Aso Rock abi? But I tell you that it is LASTMA officials that are the real evil beings in this Lagos.

Did you see the kind of heavy rain that fell this morning? The road was just blocked anyhow and one LASTMA official had the audacity to stop our bus for something he thought that we did when we actually did not do it. The man said that the traffic light had turned red when we passed and even though all the people in the bus said that it was still green the man did not even listen. Sometimes I think that these people do not have conscience.

FAB-Diary-FABO-Episode-5-FAB-Magazine (6) FAB-Diary-FABO-Episode-5-FAB-Magazine (5)That’s how the man sha delayed us on Awolowo road in Ikoyi. All our passengers just started to get down one by one without paying, and after several hours of begging, that is when the man allowed us to go for free. This thing that I am telling you happened around 10am o, the man allowed us to go by 3pm. Is that not pure wickedness? And now, after everything that we went through we have not been able to carry any other passengers today so no money at all. Monday don waste finish. Na God go save us for this country.

mekdon studios StazonlineI was telling my Oga today that this conductor business has tire me. The man was laughing; he said “You think work is easy in this Lagos?” I told him I want to go to the studio next week to record a song so that before you know it I will just blow and become a superstar. Sebi Idris Abdu Kareem sang “Jaga Jaga” and became popular, Tony Tetuila sang “You Don Hit My Car” and became popular, and Da Grin sang “Pon Pon Pon” and became popular, so why can’t I release my own song too? I am just using sharp eye to look for producer that will give me beat and help me master the song to perfection.

Our Nigerian people like music and I think that is the biggest thing that our country has to offer right now, so if I can access that then my future is sure! Last week Thursday I want for that free show, LoudNProundLive and if you see all the people who are trying to get into the music industry through that event, choi. One thing I know is that Nigeria has music talent, but people don’t want to see that talent they just want to dance in the club and listen to club jams. If that is what they want then me too I can give them club jam o.

Silhouette of a young man in orange.Just watch out for me. One of these days you are going to hear my song on the radio and you will not know when you will start to sing along and bump your head. This bus conductor work has tire me and my cup is nearly full. As soon as I save small money for studio time I am going to drop a massive hit, but for now I remain your boy FABO – coming to you with the hardship of trying to be somebody in this Nigeria. For now I am a humble bus conductor taking this life one day at a time. God will help us all.






29-year-old Boye Fafunwa has always been called Fabo by his friends and in school. He has no idea how the name originated and almost always introduces himself simply as “Fabo”.

Having grown up in the rural areas of Ogun State, deciding to go to Lagos – a land of greener pastures, has been a roller-coaster experience for him. When Fabo was thrown into Lagos Life as an upcoming and thirst-driven artist, he vowed to be seen at all the events and with all the top names in the music industry. Even though he is a graduate who studied Industrial Art at The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro in Ogun State, he has been pushed to a life of hardship by a recent loss of all he holds dear.

Fabo lives in a self-contain apartment in Adeniji Adele surviving on money gotten from his day job of being a bus conductor. At night Fabo transforms into a typical young man in Lagos who is just looking to survive and become famous.

These are his chronicles, brought to you every Monday through FAB Magazine Online.

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