The  free for all music festival has begun!




The Bath Hotel was packed to the rafters for the Natchez Burning gig. The five piece blues band cooked up a mini-storm in the cosy little pub. It was a little difficult to find a space where the band was visible the joint was packed. A couple of crept to the very back and stood up on bench where we had a great vantage point.


Featuring harmonica, two guitars, upright bass and drums Natchez Burning have been gigging regularly since 2009. With the double bassist in whacking out the 12-bar blues in a fetching Stetson hat and the guitarist in a pork pie hat and Hawaiian shirt, the old crooners proved that they can charm an audience like the best of them.


The band gig regularly at this little pub which takes on the atmosphere of an authentic bluesy bar as soon as the band began to play. The front front man waggled his eyebrows flirtatiously throughout the jazzier numbers and during the guitar solos the rest of the band members take a step back to watch. With the double bass taking up half of the stage area space it was difficult to avoid watching the bassists left fingers scamper up and down its neck while his right fingers slapped away at its strings.


Songs with the lyrics “I’d rather be a sloppy drunk….” / “Woah–ooah bring me another half pint”, tickled the slightly older demographic, who were merrily quaffing their beverages. A flourishing harmonica solo finished the first half of the set – the high registers sound almost like a saxophone.


One thing is for certain – Natchez Burning are true performers and it was fantastic to see such a small, casual venue buzzing.


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