Let’s face it, the perception of poetry among youth isn’t usually great. All it does for most is elicit memories of dry English Lit lessons where we are forced to analyse and memorise the angsty rhyming (or not) scribblings of a poet who was depressed and/or killed himself. If it’s Shakespeare, many find the Elizabethean’s sonnettes too wordy, and way too cheesy to really connect to. To be frank, poetry is seen to be kind of a drag; dull, unrelatable, and totally disconnected from most of our reality.

But there seems to be a rennisance in the air. A totally new breed of poets are emerging, raw, irreverent, and real .

Intelligent, but with the ability to connect with the people who feel the most disillusioned with poetry, this new set are bringing in a beautifully diverse and new audience for the art form. As a poetry lover myself, I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re bringing the “cool” back- call me a geek, but it’s only because poetry has always been “cool” to me- but they are perhaps allowing the “coolness” to be seen to people who may have been blind to it before.

The attributes of poetry- it’s ability to make magic with words, make them resonate, disturb, soothe, make one laugh..these new poets are doing it all. They are bringing the power of poetry out of obscurity. Not only that, but they are highlighting important issues amongst black youth through a creative, captivating and unique medium.
It’s beautiful-the pictures, thoughts and feelings a stylistically selected mixture of words and rhythm can conjure, and I want to share that beauty with our FAB readers, being the generous blogger I am.
So with no further ado, here are a few (Well isn’t that something. I’m making a little poetry myself!) of my favourites.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_yqeLRti28&w=640&h=480] Are black britons -particularly males- truly “Powerless”? Wordsmith George the Poet, rhymtically questions this, with words that stick and prick what may have been your preconceived notions. Education can give you power, but are “underprivileged” blacks, truly seeking this power? Food for thought, this is definitely worth a listen.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAoluxcVXSA&w=853&h=480] In “The Black Man Syndrome”, spoken word artist “Suli Breaks” satirically talks about his “serious” ailment of “The Black Man Syndrome”. Introduced by strings that pluck at your heart strings, the humorous ditty pokes fun at the stereoptypical “cheapness” (I’d personally like to call it frugality for the sake of my brothers) of black males, but also touches upon serious issues such as “black man anger”, but also black ambition and most importantly, black pride.

These are just two examples of the sublime balance of emotions that poetry can conjure, and I hope these two examples will make your curiosity for poetry stronger! (Sorry I just couldn’t help myself.)

But in all seriousness, these two are definitely worth the listen, not just for entertainment, but for knowledge and insight.

Follow them @Georgethepoet
and @Sulibreaks

Have a FAB Friday!


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