Kid Acne is Sheffield’s foremost Urban Artist.


‘Kill Your Darlings’, an exhibition at the Sheffield Millennium Gallery (his first solo show in his home town), celebrates the DIY ethic and often transitory approach he has refined over the years. Murals, illustrations and sculpture from throughout his career will show how he has carried the wit and subversion from his days as a graffiti artist and fanzine creator through into adult life as a designer, artist and musician.

I remember being impressed by the his arty take on a Sheffield colloquialism on the side of a pub.


Kid Acne's work on a pub on Cemetery Road in Sheffield

After returning to Sheffield I was surprised to see that it had been painted over.

Kid Acne himself held a question and answer session in the Millennium Gallery one afternoon and I asked him whether he was annoyed to come back and find it gone.


Kid Acne: Well my best friend owned the venue when it was called Dulo. But he had to sell it so I asked to paint it.

Almaz: So how long did it last?


Kid Acne: Well only a month. The new owners came and painted over it


Almaz: So I was pretty lucky in having seen it when I did! Did you mind when you realised that it had been painted over?


Kid Acne: Well there’s really no point being in the street art business if you’re going to get upset about these things. It’s like having a massive house-party and not expecting anything to get broken. I mean, I did get annoyed when people deface my work just a little bit by, say drawing a cock and balls over the top, or moustaches on the women. That’s just lame and unimaginative!


'Arty Fags' by Kid Acne 2006, London


View of Kill Your Darlings exhibition. Image by Nigel Barker


‘Kill Your Darlings’ is a motto used by writers to describe the painful process of cutting cherished characters or scenes which don’t serve their overall story. This show captures that spirit and asks us not to be too precious about art, but simply to revel in the joy of creating it.


The exhibition runs until Sunday 23rd October

Kid Acne website –

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