Tyra -Banks-For-Zink-Magazine's-Spring-2014-Fashion-Issue-FAB-Magazine (1)Still stunningly beautiful at 40!

Iconic model turned television personality, producer and author Tyra Banks is the cover girl for the latest issue of Z!NK magazine ‘Fashion Issue’In the issue, Tyra Banks talks about her lucrative companies, bankable brand and being a business woman.

Tyra -Banks-For-Zink-Magazine's-Spring-2014-Fashion-Issue-FAB-Magazine (1) Tyra -Banks-For-Zink-Magazine's-Spring-2014-Fashion-Issue-FAB-Magazine (2) Tyra -Banks-For-Zink-Magazine's-Spring-2014-Fashion-Issue-FAB-Magazine (2) Tyra -Banks-For-Zink-Magazine's-Spring-2014-Fashion-Issue-FAB-Magazine (3) Tyra -Banks-For-Zink-Magazine's-Spring-2014-Fashion-Issue-FAB-Magazine (4)The top supermodel looks gorgeous and fierce on the cover of the magazine in a white turtleneck shirt and pink ensemble accessorized with a couple of unique pieces covering her face. The inside shots are just as fierce and we absolutely love!


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