FAB Cover: Trybe Records’ Aramide Covers Davido’s “Ekuro” | Watch the Video

We’re sure everyone remembers the sultry songstress, Aramide, Trybe Records first lady from her rendition of eLDee‘s “Today Today“. That cover not only unleashed the lovely potential sweetly resident in the lady’s voice but endeared her to us. The depths of her vocal range and ability is just classic! Interestingly, the artiste gives vocal attention on yet another song; Davido‘s “Ekuro“.


Watch her cover “Ekuro

Aramide has that in-born ability to give a new  definition to a chart-topping hit song and though she’s successfully done that with “Today Today“, she even exceeds on this one; “Ekuro“.

Watch/Listen to her cover eLDee‘s “Today Today

Her hit songs, “It’s Over” and “I Don’t Mind” continue to enjoy massive airplay.


Listen to “I Don’t Mind


And then to “It’s Over


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