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FAB Cover: Lana Del Rey For Complex Magazine August 2014 Issue, Says “I’ve Slept with a Lot of Guys in the Industry”


Lana Del Rey lands her second cover this year for the flipside of Complex Magazine’s August/September 2014 issue (Kendrick Lamar lands a cover for this issue as well). Lana Del Rey keeps things interesting in her interview and is quoted as saying “I’ve Slept with a Lot of Guys in the Industry”.

Lana Del Rey looks ethereal on the cover of Complex magazine’s August/September 2014 issue. Here’s what the 29-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

On hooking up in the industry and the concept of ‘sleeping your way to the top’: “It’s commentary, like, “I know what you think of me,” and I’m alluding to that. You know, I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals. Which is annoying.”

On love: “I like a physical love. I like a hands-on love. [Pauses.] How can I say this without getting into too much trouble? I like a tangible, passionate love. For me, if it isn’t physical, I’m not interested. Everything else is so hard; hopefully love is the one thing that is actually fun.”

On dealing with critics: “The good thing about catching so much grief from critics is that you literally do not f*cking care. It put me in a mind frame where I expect things not to go right, because they generally don’t.”

For more from Lana, visit Complex.com.


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