FAB Cover: Kerry Washington Dazzles In The Hollywood Reporter Magazine Editorial

kerry washington- reporter  Mamma mia, is that Kerry Washington looking FABulous at the top middle? The sexy actress covers the June edition for U.S magazine, ‘The Hollywood Reporter’. The actress is who is currently appearing in hit TV series, ‘Scandal’, is dazzling in a monochrome ensemble of black belly top and striped culotte pants. She is surrounded by other leading power ladies from other hit TV series such as ‘Mad Men’, ’Breaking Bad’, ‘House of Cards’,  ’Nashville’, and ‘Top of the Lake’ on the cover which is apparently a celebration of all powerful feminist characters on American television.

In the edition Kerry had an interactive girly chat with the other ladies, who are Connie Britton, Kate Mara, Elisabeth Moss, Anna Gunn and Monica Potter. The 36 year old actress also talked about her background as a substitute teacher in New York before her acting career sky rocketed. ‘It was great and hard, and I even did it after I started working in films. But I had to stop after I did ‘Save the Last Dance’ because the students were like, “Chenille is substituting!’

She also mentioned receiving death threats on social networking site, twitter for her political beliefs and being rejected for movie roles because of her skin colour. She was quoted as saying, ‘It’s a little bit different for me because I’ll audition for something and they’ll just decide that they’re not going “ethnic” with a character, which I hear a lot. If not “black,” then yeah. People have artistic license … that’s what casting is: fitting the right look to the right character. Whereas you could maybe lose some weight, there’s not really anything I can do, nor would I want to, about being black’.



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