FAB Cover: Chic Meets Badass | Chidinma and Davido for Complete Fashion Magazine’s June 2013 Issue

Chi and Dav

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!!! That’s all there is to it. Two of the Nigerian music industry’s shinning stars cover the June edition of Complete Fashion and how so cute and lovely they look!

In this issue, Chidinma talks her journey from winning the MTN Project Fame West Africa Competition to the music industry and of course, fashion! She’s gracefully clothed in a multi-coloured print top and red tulle skirt, looking like a princess. And yes, she wears her smile well!

We want you to see Kedike again by Chidinma

While Davido, spotting a red hoodie, on the other hand shares his thoughts on the entertainment industry, style and his plans for the future.

You know this is amazing news as both are not just trending but are in the news for big, big things like Chidinma‘s recently released music video for Emi Ni Baller and Davido‘s upcoming UK tour, both for which FAB brought you news about. Such beautiful combination, I hear you say, right? And so timely! Good job, Complete Fashion.

Also see Davido‘s video for All of You

In this issue’s free insert, Oluchi models alluring fashion pieces for Spring/Summer 2013 plus there are many other features in the magazine. One packed edition, you must admit. Get yours on newsstands asap.

Make-up: MaryJane for Zaron
Styled by: The Complete Fashion Team
Photography: Moussa Moussa

Stylist: Tiannah Styling
Photography: Moussa Moussa

Stylist: Ebun Aboderin
Make-up: MaryJane for Zaron


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