The ABC series, Desperate Housewives,  isn’t the only shinning spot available for actress and model, Eva Longoria, as she has proven.

Starlet Eva covered the latest issue of GQ Mexico and we love her for reasons beyond her sensual appearance on the Men’s Magazine.


Here are five of them.

1. Her move from the Desperate Housewives circle (which was a great ‘opener’) unto bigger and more independent platforms has been successful. We not only congratulate her but identify with her success.


2. Whatever the call, Eva knows how to work it and she does it so professionally here.


And wickedly too!


3. Whether she’s going shopping, or on the screens playing a funny, doubtful or cunning role or has her hair in alluring, curly lengths with the exquisite smoky eye makeup like she does in this shoot, Eva is just flawless and we can’t help but say how much she rocks.



4. In the Baytown Outlaws, the upcoming movie – whose trailer was released on Thursday – she stars in, the 37-year-old is unarguably so full of talent with every work of hers exceeding in better performance than the previous. Besides, we love that she’s taken on a whole different role in the movie.


5. There’s a clear (and happy!) break from nude appearances (not by Eva, though) on the cover of Men’s Magazines which seems to be the most fashionable trend these days.


Baytown Outlaws – starring Eva Longoria, Billy Bob Thornton, Paul Wesley, Daniel Cudmore, Serinda Swan, and Natalie Martinez – will be released in January 2013 and tells the story of a woman whose godson is saved from an abusive father by three redneck brothers that the mother hires who go on the run after the deed is done.

Coming out of that, the actress was seen at Los Angeles Airport, intending to go on a trip to Chicago. Probably to take a break from the pressures and demands her day time job mounts on her and maybe also to get some positive air following her breakup from New York Jets star, Mark Sanchez.


In Baytown Outlaws

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