FAB Comedy: Basketmouth and Bovi have a “Babe for Sale” | New Video

Bovi & Basketmouth

Bovi & Basketmouth

Hello wonderful FAB readers, we hope you’re having a great time this weekend and you had a look at FAB Events: Happenings this weekend we brought you earlier this week?

Well to jazz up your weekend a little bit, we thought you might want to take a look at this video, Babe for Sale uploaded yesterday. It’s Basketmouth and Bovi featuring Yinka Akinlawon. “Oh, it’s Basketmouth?”, we hear you say. Yes, gladly yes! Your guess is as good as ours. You’re sure to have a good laugh on this one.

Nobody send Basketmouth message now, abi? Wait until you see the video and then you’ll get our point.

Hope you love the video and don’t forget to tell us how you spent your weekend.

Babe for sale


You should also see Operation Crack featuring Basketmouth, Bovi and Buchi


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