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FAB Collection: Vlisco Celebrates the New Season with Celebrate

vlisco-celebrate-fab-4 The season of glamour and giving is here. It’s time to dress up, gather with your loved ones, exchange gifts – and celebrate! Treat yourself to a sophisticated festive look by wearing Vlisco this season and show that you care by buying your friends and family the only authentic Dutch Wax. This season Vlisco pays tribute to the art of the drawing, and to their textile designers.



This season’s collection was inspired by Vlisco’s rich history of drawing. For over a century our textiles, with their unique ornaments and geometric patterns, have influenced the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa, where Vlisco is known as the only brand creating authentic Dutch Wax fabrics, known as ‘Hollandais’ by many.


The focus on the drawings is also the ultimate way to round off a year in which Vlisco celebrated their commitment to art. Focusing on the most important aspect of their fabrics, the print, they designed the collection so that each fabric features a distinct drawing; an illustration, an object inspired by real life or an abstract or graphic pattern.


vlisco-celebrate-fab-6 As the creative director, Roger Gerards explains: “Without fantasy, thought or story there can be no drawing, which is why Vlisco affords its designers plenty of freedom. No matter how graphic a design, there’s always a sketch behind it. Take away the intricate layers of colour, and you’ll notice just how important drawing is to create the overall effect our fabrics are so famous for.”

“This season’s collection has a romantic feel, with decorative lines representing dream worlds – visualized through drawing. Our designers made illustrative designs that play with your fantasy and trigger your emotions.”


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