So FAB Ghana met One of Ghana’s raising stars in the MCeeing fraternity and this was what went down.

Tell us a bit about Kwesi Kwatia?

I was born and raised in Accra. Went to Ewit Greenwich Classical Academy for my primary and junior high education. Then to Accra Academy for my secondary education and finally to Central University for my tertiary education. I also went to Rabodef radio school. Run short courses in Ghana Institute of Journalism for Effective Communication and the Center for Public Speaking. I am the first of 4 children. A very strong willed and passionate person who never gives up. I love sightseeing, travelling,writing and communication

Your background and family?

I am the first of 4 children. A very strong will and passionate person who never gives up. I love sightseeing, travelling,writing, communication, and speaking. I am very strong willed and passionate person.

What inspires you to do what you do?

Everything about life inspires me a lot especially people. I love to be part of what makes people happy in life regardless of the hard times.

How did you start off with your career?

I have always had a passion for speaking. I only took it serious in October 2015 as a professional master of ceremony. Because I wanted to do what i loved. Before that i have been working for a decade and started loosing steam for what I was doing.

How has your career shaped your life?

I can now choose the direction of my path in all honesty.

Some of the Greatest moments in your career?

When the people you serve come to you after every event to tell you what a good job you did.

What is your secret. In doing what you do?

The grace of God. Knowing that God has blessed me with gifts that has to bless others by using them

Any role model in your career both local and international?

I learn from everybody.

What are some of the challenges you face in your career?

Language barriers, Weather conditions, Technical hitches here and there, Power outages and Unresponsive guests etc

How do you manage your career with the growing trend of young vibrant competition?

By learning from the best.

What is your philosophy in life?

God is the judge in all. Life is full of memories so make the best out of every situation.

FAB Events you have MCeed of all time?

I think all of them. Each one of them makes me better for the other.

What will you miss about your career?

I dont think i will be changing my career, rather I will be building steadily on it. So it will always be with me

FAB Read of all time?

Gerry Spence -“How to argue and win Everytime”

FAB Automobile you drive and wish to drive?

Will wish to drive a Range Rover the vogue – Black color

FAB Perfume?

Chris Adam and Paul Smith

FAB Destination?

Australia,Canada,Tanzania and South Africa

FAB Designers

Chocolate and Krakye all Ghanaian designers

FAB Dining

Beans stew with brown rice

It was great chatting with you on FAB Chats Kwesi.

Kwesi : Pleasure is mine.

You can follow Kwesi on Instagram and Facebook @kwesikwatia

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