gabriel afolayan 2Here at FAB, we caught up with talented singer, actor and ladies man, Gabriel Afolayan aka Gfresh. Check out below our brief chat with him.


Tell us about your background? What was it like?

A humble background. Born into the family of popular entertainer named Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade-Love). I’m from Kwara State in Nigeria.

How did you foray into the creative medium? Was it accidental or nurtured from your younger years?

Came into it by choice and also duly trained.
What has been the highs and lows of your career? How has that affected your outlook on your career as a musician and an actor respectively?

The challenge basically is to ‘keep stepping the game up’ and with a high level of hard work, it has been awesome.

Being from a creative family ( Ade Love being your father and your elder brother Kunle Afolayan being an actor and producer.), has it made you feel the need to prove the uniqueness of your creativity to your fans and critics alike?

It takes the stake higher, people always want more because of the antecedents.
We love your song ‘Kokoro Ife’, what inspired that track and what was your expectation of how good it will be accepted by your fans?

I wanted to do something simple and at the same time share my experience. I never knew that it would be this accepted but I have always known that the song is unique in its form. Thanks to my fans for the acceptance.

Tell us one exclusive FAB thing about you that no one else knows?

I am a lover of CHRIST.


Check out below his cool video for his smashing single, ‘Kokoro Ife’


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