blunted on reality

Blunted on Reality follows the life of Obi Ifeanyi, a Nigerian born American who is coming of age after the historic election of Barack Obama. As Obi confronts challenges that impact his family, career, and romantic interests, he is forced to examine his past and present choices to define his future.

Chinedu Achebe in his first book, Blunted On Reality, showcases the every day lives of Nigerians in America with their differing perspectives on politics. This book is mainly about the story of a young man, Obi who emigrated to USA with his family because of his father’s transfer to Houston and how he was taught that he had to make a positive impact in his community.

Obi, just as he turned 29 realized he was not getting any younger and so had to settle down, just as his parents kept reminding him about marriage. Although his mother was very particular about him marrying a real Nigerian, all Obi wanted was just to marry a woman that would love him.

In this book, President Obama’s victory in the United States is the centerpiece story and the story draws a lot of attention to the way Africans in America identified with Obama as an African and how they hoped he would do a lot for them.

Obi and some of his friends discussed political ideas and agendas around the presidential election. Each of his friends showcased the immigrant experience in terms of politics, relationships, love, pain, heart break, happiness and major decisions that had to be made.

Chinedu Achebe

Chinedu Achebe

This book also highlights some stereotypes and divisions between Africans and African Americans. Even though I was not very comfortable initially when reading about these divisions and some statements in the book, after reading Blunted on Reality, I developed a new perspective on the Nigerian diaspora in America.

I hope you get to enjoy the book as I did.

Chinedu Achebe is a Nigerian American who was born in Richmond, Virginia. He currently lives in Houston,TX.

The book can be purchased at, where you can also read the first chapter of the book, both in paper back and kindle and also on barnes and You can also follow Chinedu Achebe on twitter as well @ChineduAchebe.

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