Working the FAB grind can sometimes take it’s toll on a girl’s complexion – what with late nights scouring the magazines and internet for the hottest topics to write about (FYI, I love my job) – so sometimes, a little help is needed.

Touche Éclat is a little gold pen of miracles – their website states you can “catch 8 hours of sleep with the click of a pen” and believe me, they kid you not. The award-winning complexion highlighter promises to fade away dark circles and fine lines, with its radiance-boosting Luminocaptide Complex. Skin appears illuminated creating a rested and refreshed look.

Often being the bearer of panda eyes in the morning (hot), I decided to try out YSL when my Mum bought it for the first time. The blemish cover liquid comes in a 2.5ml shiny (I told you I was a magpie!) pen-like tube, and releases the concealer when the bottom of the pen is clicked. The concealer then gets deposited onto a soft brush ready to apply to the face.  I find that you only really need one-two clicks to brighten up the under-eye area and that the concealer is extremely effective. So effective in fact, that I have received the ultimate compliment of: “your skin looks flawless!” whilst wearing it. What more could a girl wish for than a beautifully flawless complexion?

The only drawback to the product is that you will be required to pay £24.50 for the privilege of Touche Éclat – more expensive than my MAC Studio Fix foundation – and at 2.5ml, you need to use it sparingly to ensure it lasts.

Overall though, I love this product and would recommend it for those days when you just need a lil’ helping hand.


The colour range available in the Touche Éclat. Image courtesy of House of Fraser

YSL. Image courtesy of the House of Fraser


Feature image courtesy of the House of Fraser.

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