We all want to look our ultimate FAB without it being too cost effect for us. We have got 5 natural ingredients you may or may not know, help you in looking that million bucks without all the MAC and Mary Kay products. Check them out below.

1. Honey


Adding honey to your bath water helps leave your skin soft and supple like that of a new born. Honey also makes good facials, for cleansing blackheads and stress acne. Leave on the skin for about half an hour, and then rinse off with warm water. You feel the result almost immediately.
2. White Yogurt

white yogurt


White yogurt is great for lightening acne marks, as well as cleansingyour skin of any build up and dirt. It is known to open up pores, and allow your skin to breathe more. Make sure to use a good moisturiser after applying on your skin. Or better still mix with a good moisturiser.

3. Shea Butter

shea butter


Shea Butter otherwise known as Ori in Yoruba, is one of the ancient natural beauty ingredients that has always been used. Our fore mothers swear by it’s goodness and it proves that. Shea butter is good for people with dry skin, as well as a healthier alternative for dry thirsty hair.

4. Aloe Vera





Aloe Vera is a great skin purifying alternative. It is known to heal wounds, and skin abrasions. You can even apply it on your skin after getting beaten by mosquitoes, which is immediately relieving.

5. Coconut Oil

coconut-oil-Coconut oil is great if if you want hair to grow. Just use as a moisturiser for your scalp and watch your hair thrive in it’s full glory. Another tip is to dab some with cotton bud onto your eyelashes, if you don’t want to be wearing falsies all the time. That way your lashes will grow and rival falsies. Coconut oil is also a great skin moisturiser too.

Stay FAB

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