sarah-magidThere’s something appealing about going out of the norm when it comes to beauty. Almost everyone would rather stay safe with red lipstick, pink lipstick, nude lipstick or wine coloured lipstick. Well we like to do things different, and it seems so do a number of people as we have noticed a fast-catching beauty trend, the use of black lipstick.

January 224Gone are the days when if you want to go bold on your lips you have to go subtle with your eyes. According to beauty experts, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot go bold in both areas of your face, but for red carpet looks you will want a look that is soft, even with black lipstick. One of the best ways to make a statement with your lips is definitely with black lipstick. Black lipstick is rarely worn outside of costume parties, the runway or photo shoots but all that can change.

January 223Black lipstick has been spotted on style daring celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Joan Smalls, Rihanna, Jessie J, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and more. They have shown that there are ways to rock the black lipstick that would make one look more glam than goth.

Check out these black lipstick tips according to makeup artist Nick Barose:

  • Black lipstick is not easy to pull off, but when you keep it sheer — not matte or opaque, but with a hint of sheen — the effect can be feminine and glamorous in a silent film star sort of way.
  • To soften the color a little bit, dab a dot of red gloss on the center of your lips to give the black just a hint of warmth.
  • Because the shade is so dramatic, stick to minimal eye makeup, or go for coordinating tones.
  • Avoid hard lip liners, and keep the rest of the face pretty and feminine. You can pair your look with flirty lashes, liquid liner, and a berry cheek stain.

Seems easy doesn’t it? Why not give this beauty trend a try and let us know if it works for you!

January 225

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