We all know that bootie is in – think Beyonce, think Jennifer Lopez, think Kim Kardashian. Sir Mix-A-Lot told us (“I like big butts and I cannot lie”), D’banj told us (“I love that bootie…”) and Timaya most recently showed us (“Bum Bum”, anyone?). But is a bootie-shaped nail varnish just one step too far?

San Francisco-based nail company Bootie Babe recently re-launched a vegan, 3-free nail line in bootylicious bottle shapes. CEO, funk musician, and designer Mark O’Hara originally envisioned the concept for the brand 15 years ago, but decided current lacklustre packaging needed a serious lift.

Aptly, the 24 shades of varnish are titles cheeky (pun intended) names, from Red Riding Rump to Tears for Rears.

What do you think? Keep or kick Bootie Babe’s well-rounded rump to the curb?


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