After 11 years of creating skin-friendly products, REN have launched their first short film in celebration of their anniversary and their passion for beautiful clean skin. The film embodies the brand which is honest, bold and rejects traditional images of airbrushed beauty.

The film it self portrays a healthy young couple, comfortable in their own skin, and free from traditional images of airbrushed beauty. The film is honest and natural, even if a little raunchy.


Shot in a fjord in Sweden by Vince Squibb, to the track Down to the River to Pray by Alison Krauss from ‘O’ Brother, Where Art Thou’.


“I’ve know Danny, the Creative Director of Dare for a while and admired his work. The brief for the film was to dramatise the Character and imagery of REN while reinforcing the idea of Clean Skincare. I think the result is unique and arresting, but I would say that wouldn’t I” Say Rob Calcraft, REN Founder.


Creative Director Danny Brook Taylor also said, “There’s a modernity about REN, coolness and confidence which we wanted to expose. It’s about saying I’m happy with my skin, and I’m going to care for it, show it off. Touch someone’s that I love and celebrate it”.


REN, which means clean in Swedish, believes healthier skin is more beautiful skin, which is why they pioneered the concept of ‘Clean Skincare’. This gives all the benefits of the latest advances in cosmetic science without the drawbacks of skin-unfriendly ingredients.


Breaking the conventional mould of skincare advertising, the film is confidently designed to establish REN as ‘the’ original clean skincare brand.  This film from REN is a celebration of how REN believes we ought to feel and live in our skin. REN gives us skin that is clean and confident, that is pure and fresh and that loves other skin. Skin that makes us feel glorious, natural and alive.


Check out the film below.

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