Paperself was launched in 2009 by London based designer Chunwei Liao. The company was set up as a platform for the innovative exploration of paper for contemporary product design. Offering a stylish alternative in furniture, homeware and accessories for eco-conscious living, Paperself has now released a range of beautifully unusual eyelashes for ladies who like to dress up and stand out.

Inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting, these strip lashes are available in six different styles, each featuring a different Chinese symbolic meaning from; horses, peonies, peaches, blossoms, deer, butterflies, peacocks and clowns. ‘Lace Garden’ is exclusively available at the V&A Museum, London and is inspired by nineteenth century French silk bobbin lace. The rest of the lash collections are available to buy here and start from £10.50.

All images courtesy of Paperself.

'Lace Garden' available from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. £14


'Horses' £12.50

Deer & Butterfly £12.50

Peacock £12.50

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