Nigeria’s movie industry needs to hire Eva Alordiah asap for their special effects and gruesome scenes. Going through her Instagram page and stumbling across a few pictures we had to actually double check to make sure the pictures we saw were fake *whew*.

In case you don’t know, the female rapper Eva Alordiah is also a makeup lover and a pro artist. From facebeats to horror movie makeup Eva knows what she is doing. Check out a few pictures to convince you. The question is if we have makeup artists who can do this why do we still have bloodless bullet wounds and stomach shots resulting in leg pain in Nigerian movies?

Scarily real right?
We are glad that people are finding creative ways to contribute to the Nigerian movie industry.
Ini Edo posted a picture of herself on set for a movie production today and her face had been worked on by another professional makeup artist. Ini Edo’s face was amazingly distorted like you wouldn’t believe.
She captioned the picture “#filmmakingseriousbusiness# I fear for my face. My exec producer says he’s got me covered lol. I still love my job”

A few months earlier too she posted a video of a makeover that was being done on set:

It’s amazing and impressive makeup.
Check out a few more photos and video’s from Eva Alordiah makeup brand, Makeup By Orsela

What do you think?
It is not every day you come across someone who can do this type of makeup in Nigeria especially when every one seems to be following the mainstream makeup techniques. Movie makers need to be taking advantage of this for more authenticity in their productions. Eva Alordiah has gone ahead and started a makeup school with training periods for all who wish to learn the art of being a beautician.
Check out her website

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  1. love to watch nigerian movies online

    Love the finger one. what’s her background. Artist or cosmetologist?


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