The ‘Scouse Brow’, Cara Delevingne’s Power Brow, and Keira Knightley’s are amongst the most enviable brows around. When correctly matched with the shape of your face, your eyebrows can be the ultimate beauty statement.

karen betts

Leading permanent make-up artist Karen Betts, has worked on the brows of the stars, and gives her guide to shaping your face effortlessly with the correct brows.

‘Get the perfect brows with Karen Betts’


Due to an emphasis on the upper portion of the face, and the small jaw line, it is important to have well-groomed brows. A curved brow will balance with your chin and achieve a youthful look.

heart face


Softly rounded brows are the ideal solution to an angular face. Be sure to create a sharp peak at the top of the brow for them to appear stronger.



A high arch, and angular style will help make the face appear longer and slimmer. Avoid rounded brows as these will only add volume to the face.

round face


Soft, curved eyebrows will reduce the widest part of the face and soften the angular look. Be careful not to arch them too severely as this will accentuate your narrow jaw.

diamond face

Don’t want to just stop at your eyebrows? Want the full package? Worry not, Karen Betts has you covered. Check out her website and pick a treatment and be well on your way to that beautifully enhanced yet natural look you’ve been wanting.

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